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Develop a passion for learning. if you do, you will never cease to grow                                                                                                     -Anthony J. DíAngelo

As you read the above saying and you know it is true but you are thinking how to develop the passion for learning, well you know EDUFOCUSS EDUCATION is a premier institute for sciences and we are working in the field of LIFE SCIENCES and CHEMISTRY.

 We know you are thinking how to develop your inner passion because we have been asked so many times by our students. You just have to develop that passion which is already inside you and EDUFOCUSS EDUCATION will help you to develop that. As we have done with our previous students and we have got results in B.H.U. BOTANY 1st RANK with two students in different years and also 3rd RANK and 5th RANK in 2018. We have got our student in TIFR, DBT, and in many more...

Our students have given the best results in CSIR-NET/JRF as you should know.

Now, to develop a passion which is already inside you? You need to have determination continuity and faith in yourself and in us. Which will lead you to the road of success and you will see in no time you already have that passion to educate yourself and as the great NELSON MANDELA   said: -

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the word.

Edufocuss education has the vision to be a leader in preparing students who provide knowledge and education and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex Indian society including National and human values through academic, co-curricular and socially meaningful activities.

Working towards our vision we have scheduled our class program for life sciences into three batches which provides you comfortable atmosphere to boost your learning ability and helps you to grow yourself as a learner.

 EDU 1ST - 7:30 AM

 EDU 2nd Ė 10:30 AM

 EDU 3rd   - 5:30 PM

 As you just got to know about our class program lets go ahead and talk about our faculty and their teaching skills:

 Everyone says good things about their faculty but here EDUOCUSS is appreciating their hard work and their helping nature towards our students. Without their hard work it couldnít have been possible to get results in CSIR-NET/JRF with 18th RANK (TUHINA GAYEN), 32ND RANK (QAZI FAIZUL HASAN), 47TH RANK (SUDESHNA MAZUMDAR) and there are many more to tell but we donít want to bore you here with all this of course. Letís get moving so as we were saying we have most hardworking and dedicated faculty to develop your ability to grow as a person you have always wanted to be.



Now here come the details where you get all bored and don't want to read anymore but let me tell you these are the things you must know about EDUFOCUSSthese are qualities makes us different and better from others. We are not being competitive here but what can we do if it is true. so let's move further by not wasting your any more time.

Edufocuss education is a structured coaching institution complete in all aspects which provides quality guidance for CSIR-UGC-NET/JRF (Life Sciences), GATE (Life Sciences/Biotech), IIT-JAM and other prestigious examinations like DBT-JRF/ICMR/ASRB-NET as well as JNU & BHU M.Sc Life Sciences entrance examinations whose sole motto is to provide quality education with guidance and inductive atmosphere. This program offers the right mix of classes, smart classes with videos/animation provision, problem solving and doubt sessions supplemented with in-depth and thoroughly revised study materials.


Here comes the ultimate question WHY EDUFOCUSS?

 Let us guide you through this long and interesting journey of knowing about EDUFOCUSS and our ability to get you through all your problem and questions.

Good administration-disciplined teachers staffs and students which the parents could rely on.

Supporting and guiding faculty - who is ready to help at every phase where you get stuck.

Qualified teachers - Who is there to clear all your doubts and enable you to develop clear concepts of every topic taught.

The success stories - Our yearly results speak for our quality in every exam almost.

Relevant study materials and test papers - Every important study material are provided here for the efficient nurturing of every student in order to qualify any exam along with topic wise test papers.

Topic wise previous year question solving sessions - After every topic that gets covered we have question answer discussions to help student clear the remaining doubts.

Competitive environment - the environment that OUR COACHING provides is just unbeatable. You would be forced to work hard in order to shine along with our team.

Special classes - every Sundays or during holidays we have special classes to give students sufficient time to deal with more of concepts and knowledge.

Motivational lectures - we have such motivational sessions in order to strengthen students mentally in between the classroom sessions, so that student could be strong to face the exams sportingly.

Test series - we have weekly test series sessions of the latest topics covered in that specific week in order to make the students sound for the learnt concepts so that it could retain forever.

Revision classes - we also have revision classes before any important entrance exams in a nut shell giving the brief idea of every taught session in the class.

Audio video classes - we have both audio video classes in order to give the picturization of every taught concept in order to have visual concepts so that student could feel what exactly they are learning.

 Okay so after all this reading (we know you havenít read it all but still we assume that you did) and getting bored donít you think you should visit to EDUFOCUSS EDUCATION or make a call and let us know that how much you are interested in joining our institution or how much informative you find this article.

Go ahead feel free to call, text or mail we are available every platform to clear out your doubts as we are always ready for our students. Make a call join in and be the part of this awesome community of people who are finding their inner passion in field of education.

Your feedback and any suggestion will be valuable to us.

Apply: - Edufocuss education


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